A Brief History

In 1834, members of the Upper Freehold Baptist Church were dismissed to form the Freehold Baptist Church. Reverend James M. Challis was the pastor of Upper Freehold Baptist Church and was the pastor of our church for its first year.

The sanctuary we worship in today is the third church. The first was at the corner of the Baptist Cemetery on Barkalow Avenue, built in the late 1700's. The location of this first church building is marked by a memorial monument, which was dedicated on November 28, 1959 – our 125th anniversary.

After a growing membership, it was decided upon to build a new church, which was our second church. This church, where the parsonage is today, was dedicated in 1847.

In 1889, the cornerstone for the present church was laid on the corner of West Main Street and Manalapan Avenue, as the “Old Church” became inadequate for the size of the growing congregation. The present church was dedicated in 1890.

On November 15, 2009, our church celebrated its 175th anniversary. In our 180 year existence we have had 26 pastors. Reverend William L. Frederickson was our 26th pastor and longest serving pastor of 27 years. In September of 2016, we welcomed our 27th and newest pastor, Reverend Jonathan Elsensohn.