Email Discoveries

Like most people I get a lot of junk in my email inbox. Sometimes it’s because I fail to uncheck the box that asks if I want to receive future emails. Then the future comes and I am swamped with daily advertisements. Other times I have a fleeting interest in something and once the onslaught of emails arrives my interest has waned. Sometimes, however, I find something in my email that triggers deep thought and interest.

Recently I received an email from Fresh Expressions – a mission organization that focuses on unique and fresh ways to involve folks in Christian Community. I became involved with Fresh Expressions about 3 years ago through ABCNJ and have maintained a connection ever since. Their website explains that “Fresh Expressions is an initiative to generate new expressions of Christian community for those who are not yet members of any church.” The focus is finding ways to reach people in ways most of us would never imagine!

The title of the article that so intrigue me in this email – Five Church Activities that Could Be Used to INVITE PEOPLE IN TO CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. The author (Kris) of the article shared her experience of being involved in a church softball league. The Softball League was considered an outreach of the church, yet at every game the stands, the bench, the outfield, were filled with folks who were already involved in Christian Community. When she moved to a new church, which didn’t have a softball team, she signed up for one of the local co-ed softball teams. “… Filled with non-Christians who don’t care much about church. However, they do care about softball and will wake up early on a Sunday morning to play it. By playing a sport that I love — and doing so outside a “churchified” context — I have connected with many who don’t know Jesus.”

This made Kris wonder, “how many common church activities that benefit church members could instead be used to connect with people who don’t know Christ?” That question motivated me ask, “What things are we doing at First Baptist? What are we doing that might be of interest to others?" Here are a few of things we are doing and some I hope we will do…

September 13th: FALL KICK-OFF PICINIC following the church service.

October 13th - Window Painting in Town
October 24th - Jack-O-Lantern Contest (Register by the 17th)
October 25th - Parade Day (and of course we will need folks to come out and help build our float)

November: It’s time to get Shoeboxes ready for Samaritan’s Purse!

December: Our Annual Christmas Luncheon and our traditional Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.

And these are just a few of the activities coming up this fall. There will be many opportunities to invite friends and family to The First Baptist Church of Freehold.

I AM EXCITED! I cannot wait to see what God will do in the days, weeks, and months to come!

In Christ,
Pastor Teresa