February 2016


I’ve been trying to find the best words to use in writing about love. Then a friend sent me the following blessing and I knew my search was over. As we enter into the month of February may our hearts and minds be open to receiving the gift of God’s love.

And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
and the greatest of these is love.

—1 Corinthians 13.13

Loving is always risky, because we cannot enter into it without being changed. Altered. Transformed. In the face of this, we might well ask, Do I really want this? Do we really desire to be so undone?

Loving is never just about opening our heart. It is about being willing to have our heart become larger as we make room for people and stories and experiences we never imagined holding. It is about being willing to have our heart become deeper as we move beyond the surface layers of our assumptions, prejudices, and habits in order to truly see and receive what — and who — is before us. It is about being willing to have our heart continually shattered and remade as we take in not only the brokenness of the world but also the beauty of it, the astounding wonder that will not allow us to remain the same.

Blessing That Meets You in Love
It is true that
every blessing begins
with love,
that whatever else
it might say,
love is always
precisely its point.
But it should be noted
that this blessing
has come today
especially to tell you
it is crazy about you.
That it has been
in love with you
That it has never
not wanted
to see your face,
to go through this world
in your company.
This blessing thought
it was high time
it told you so,
just to make sure
you know.
If it has been shy
in saying this,
it has not been
for any lack of
wanting to.
It’s just that
this blessing
knows the risk
of offering itself
in a way that
will so alter you—
not because it thinks
you could stand
some improving,
but because this is
simply where
loving leads.
This blessing knows
how love undoes us,
unhinges us,
unhides us.
It knows
how loving
can sometimes feel
like dying.
But today
this blessing
has come to tell you
the secret
that sends it
to your door:
that it gives itself
only to those
willing to come alive;
that it vows itself
only to those
ready to be
born anew.
—Jan Richardson

Pastor Teresa