JUNE 2016


During the month of June, we will be receiving the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. About the time you receive the Home Caller you will be receiving a letter about this year's offering. This article will share where our gifts made a difference in 2015.

When you take a global view of our world, natural disasters occur every week. If you include disasters of human origin – especially in the past year – the opportunity to respond to people in need is even more frequent. The larger disasters are captured by our news media, and word of these tragedies is brought into our homes. It is difficult to imagine the suffering of those whose lives are forever changed. But many needs of our world – remain uncovered by our news media. However, with our extensive network of international and domestic partners, American Baptists are able to make a difference wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

2015 was a year punctuated by many man-made disasters – think Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Nigeria and South Sudan. These situations have uprooted millions of people. In fact, according to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), at the end of 2014 there were over 60 million people who were refugees, displaced in their own country or seeking asylum. That's the highest number since the end of World War II! Yes, your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing brought relief in many of these situations. Here is where your gifts made a difference in 2015.

Around the World: Situations Calling for Response

Burundi Landslide Relief
El Salvador Flood Relief
Republic of Georgia – Flood Relief
Hungary – Refugee Relief
India – Flood Relief
Island of Dominica – Flood Relief
Lebanon – Refugee Relief
Mozambique – Refugee Relief & Cyclone Relief
Nepal – Earthquake Relief
Nicaragua – Drought Relief
Serbia – Refugee Relief
South Sudan – Civil War Relief
Thailand – Earthquake Relief
Ukraine – Civil Conflict Relief
Vanuatu Islands – Cyclone Relief

Here at Home: Situations Calling for Response

California – Fire Relief, New Vintage Church, Santa Rosa
Massachusetts – Winter Storm Relief, First Baptist Church, Plymouth
Massachusetts – Building Repair, Oceanwood Camp
Massachusetts – Fire Relief, Grotonwood
Michigan – Roof Repairs, University Baptist Church, East Lansing
Nebraska – Vandalization Relief, First Baptist Church, Hastings
New York – Flood Relief
Pennsylvania – Disaster Preparedness, Pughtown Baptist Church
Washington – Flood & Mudslide Relief, First Baptist Church, Hoquiam
Wisconsin – Storm Relief, Milwaukee Christian Center
Wyoming – Flood Relief, Lusk

Pastor Teresa