From the Minister’s Desk


July/August 2019

Do you remember the first time you saw fireflies? For many folks, their glow is synonymous with warm, late evenings, fresh watermelon and time spent outdoors; in short, Summer. I was in the Berkshires a few weeks ago, in a rented cabin surrounded by forest and a field of wildflowers. When the sun dipped behind the western hill, a thousand lights came alive in the meadow. At first there were only one or two, but more and more joined until the entire field was light. This was the kind of night for putting a blanket on the ground and enjoying the peace of the moment; a kind of night for handing a small child a mason jar with holes punched in the lid, and introducing them to a world of wonder.

All too often in our lives of faith, we don’t make time to appreciate the world around us. Our minds are drawn to practical matters: paying bills, making appointments, picking up the dry cleaning. Summer, hopefully, affords us the time to be still, and to enjoy the life we find ourselves journeying through. By taking the time to appreciate the long evenings, the opportunities to travel, even the simple joy of fresh produce from a garden or farmstand, we are partaking in the bounty which God has provided for each of us.

During worship this Summer, we are taking a break from our usual style of service and examining some fundamental questions about our faith life. Who are we as a church family? What do we have to say to the wider world? What do we need to let go of? What can’t we do without? I pray that each one of you will ask these questions of yourself, and if you can’t be with us in worship that you listen to these sermons on our YouTube channel (search: First Baptist Church Freehold). As we enjoy the blessings this season, we also cast our minds forward to where we will go together. Enjoy the Summer!

Pastor Jon

Kimberly Clayton