From the Minister’s Desk


September 2019

Before the end of the year, I'm going to try and run a half-marathon.

I've been meaning to do more running, which is something I really enjoy, so while I was on vacation, I downloaded a plan that takes you from the couch to 13.1 miles over the course of a few months. Each day and each week slowly increases the mileage so that by December, I should be running the full amount.

Large goals often begin with small effort; in this case, not even going for that first run, but the simple act of finding a training plan. That effort is rewarded and redoubled at each step, and in time the formerly insurmountable has become the everyday.

As we prepare to begin another program year here at First Baptist, I have been thinking about the life of our congregation. What small steps are we taking now -knowingly or unknowingly- that will bear fruit in a month's time? 3 months? A Year? How are we using these opportunities to grow in our faith, and in our fellowship?

September marks a new beginning for us: kids are back to school (and Sunday school), choir practice resumes, ABW and Bits and Pieces start up again after a summer break, Bible study gathers once again. It can be easy to begin a new year by simply slipping back to where we left off. A new year can also be a time to try new things, a chance to undertake a project that seems daunting at the start, but which seems more and more achievable as we work on it. Where is God calling you this year? Where is God calling us?

Pastor Jon

Kimberly Clayton